National Disability Ministries

Sharing “the Hope” with Kids with Special Needs (VIP kids) and their Families. Building a national network of churches to serve families with special needs by helping them start or expand their special needs ministries through the “Buddy Break” program, a parents-day-out respite program once a month. Other programs include: National VIP Birthday Club, Christmas with Nathaniel’s Hope, Annual Make ‘m Smile festival, and an Online Resource Center.

Contact: Marie Kuck

Email:      Phone: 407-857-8224

Bridging the gap between individuals and families affected by disabilities and Christ honoring churches and organizations, through fun events and activities.

Contact: Doug and Leanne Goddard

Email:   Phone: 214-336-1188

Understanding people with intellectual disabilities and ministering to them.

Contact: Jim Pierson

Phone: 262.878.5228

Providing education and support services to faith based, public charter schools, home educators and churches nationwide.  Developer of G.L.U.E. – a step-by-step process with a spectrum of tools to aid faith communities in doing “ministry with” people with disabilities.

Contact: Barb Newman

Email:     Phone: 616-748-6022

We provide vital guidance and assistance to parents of a child with cerebral palsy.

Contact: Alex Diaz-Granados


Inspiring the lives of families and sharing their miracles. Helping churches start Champions Clubs, a Sunday morning program for kids with special needs.

Contact: Craig Johnson


“Sharing God’s love with people who have cognitive impairments”

Provides religious education materials designed specifically for youth and adults with intellectual disabilities. Spanish materials are available.

Email:     Phone: 888-866-8966

HeartShaper provides the resources you need to train teachers and adapt lesson activities so you can include kids with special needs in your Sunday school classes.  Special needs friendly activities, written by experts in the field, are identified throughout each teacher guide so that volunteers can help every child learn about the love of God. 

Offers a variety of programs including family retreats for families with disabilities and training and curriculum guides to equip churches including their Special Needs Smart Pages curriculum for ministering to kids with special needs and Camp “Lean on the Lord,” a disability awareness program and missions curriculum for kids.

Phone: 818-707-5664, TTY 818-707-9707

Equips churches to welcome and include children and families affected by hidden disabilities (an emotional, behavioral, or developmental condition that has no outwardly apparent symptoms) in all aspects of the life of the church. Also sponsor of Inclusion Fusion providing webinar training for disability ministries.

Contact: Dr. Stephen Grcevich

Email:  Phone:  440-543-3400

Online Church:

Lifeway provides bible study resources, VBS curriculum, free downloads, adaptation tips, and more to assist you in welcoming kids with special needs into your classroom.

Exists to elevate life in the disability family.  By combining efforts with CCPD (The Christian Council on Persons with Disabilities) the ministry network is dedicated to connecting leaders, ministries, and agencies that work in the disability community across the nation.

Contact: Jim Hukill

 Phone: 407-210-3916

Engaging Disability With The Gospel is the disability ministry arm of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). At the heart of this ministry are individuals whose lives have been impacted by disability. As we come alongside them with the gospel, individuals, families, churches, and communities are changed.

Contact: Ashley Belknap


The Religion and Disability Program, a program of N.O.D., works to help faith-based organizations remove the barriers of attitude, stereotypes, architecture, and communications. 

That All May Worship is a workbook to help churches get started in disability ministry.

Email:     Phone: 202-293-5960, TTY 202-293-5968

Helping churches become more aware of and better equipped to minister to people with special needs and their families.

Contact: David Glover

Email:    Phone: 678-643-6781

Serving the concerns of people with disabilities, and hosting family camps.

Contact: Charlie and Debbie Chivers, Special Touch Executive Directors

Email:     Phone: 715-258-2713

Capernaum is a program of Young Life designed especially for kids and young adults with disabilities. It provides a place where young people with disabilities can share their struggles and be encouraged to be all that God designed them to be.