Hall of Hope

The Hall of Hope is dedicated to remembering those VIP kids who have left us and relocated to their heavenly home. Join with us in remembering the imprint that they have made on our hearts and lives. As you take this journey through the Hall of Hope, remember the Hope of eternity that we hang on to…it’s Nathaniel’s Hope.

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    • "Sarah was diagnosed with Ataxia when she was 1 year and 9 months old. She did physiotherapy, but at the age of 4 years another diagnosis shook us, neuroxonal (degenerative) dystrophy. After much fighting, many searches failed to prevent a respiratory arrest. On October 21, 2011 she left us!"
  • Aaron Campbell, 06/25/00 - 10/09/06
    • Aaron Campbell
    • Aaron had a talent for running and also spinning straws and other things around.
  • Abigail Englade, 02/03/97 - 08/20/04
    • Abigail Englade
    • """Abby is my beautiful baby who was only 7 years old when she went to Heaven. She was born with Charge Syndrome. We love and miss her more than words can say. She was so sweet and such a blessing. I thank God for her everyday. We love you, mommy, Kayla (big sis), mama, papa, uncle Jeff and aunt Tammy"""
  • Adam, 09/13/00 - 10/08/16
  • Adam Baez, 07/23/10 - 11/16/12
    • He lit up a room and people were always smiling. He was always happy no matter the situation. You could feel his love just by looking at him.
  • Adam Hammond, 10/18/92 - 11/27/03
    • Adam Hammond
    • "Adam's favorite scripture verse was ""This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it"",(Psalm 118:24) and that is exactly how he lived his life each and every day. Jesus called him home on Thanksgiving night and we can think of nothing more important to be thankful for than having our son enrich our lives for 11 years"
  • Alexis May Kazian, 08/11/02 - 11/24/04
    • Alexis May Kazian
  • Alyssa Leonard, 06/22/00 - 03/11/09
    • Alyssa Leonard
  • Anthony Bolivar, 05/09/02 - 03/30/06
  • Anthony Foster, 01/19/86 - 03/03/06
    • Anthony Foster
  • Ashley Edwards, 05/28/88 - 08/25/02
    • Ashley Edwards
  • Bonnie Foster, 02/09/98 - 03/01/07
  • Brianna, 07/13/04 - 07/26/15
  • CALEB ADAMYK, 03/20/09 - 08/29/11
    • He taught the world to smile. He had an infectious laugh, the sweetest spirit, and full of unconditional love. He is missed dearly...
  • Cash, 07/30/05 - 07/25/17
  • Chad Jacob Wood, 07/01/05 - 07/01/05
  • Charles Robert Dye, Jr., 01/22/87 - 06/01/02
    • Charles Robert Dye, Jr.
    • Lil Charlie
      Charles Robert Dye, Jr. (Lil Charlie) was born January 22, 1987, to Charles and Becky Dye. When Charlie began school he was a healthy, happy child. A straight-A student, he was in the top 4% of his gifted class. He loved to read and wanted to be a plastic surgeon when he grew up.
      By the time Charlie reached 4th grade, his behavior had changed dramatically. His loving family, the medical community nor school systems could find a cause or a solution for his erratic behavior. Finally, on November 21, 1999, Charlie was diagnosed with Childhood ALD, the most severe form of a rare genetic disease called adrenoleukodystrophy. This disease leads to abnormal accumulation of fatty acids in tissues, especially the brain and adrenal glands, causing nervous system deterioration. The movie Lorenzos Oil portrays a family dealing with this disease.
      Over the next 2 years, Charlie received two bone marrow transplants, but continued to weaken, and eventually required around-the-clock nursing, beyond the loving assistance that his mother and sister, Kristen, were able to provide. Everyone who came to care for Charlie fell in love with him, often watching TV with him or reading the Bible to him.
      In April of 2002 Charlie contracted pneumonia and was unable to recover. He relocated to heaven on June 1st.
      Becky Dye, Charlies mom, wants Charlies story to be told so that other families might receive hope and help in a timely fashion. For more information about Childhood ALD, contact the United Leukodystrophy Foundation, 2304 Highland Drive, Sycamore, IL, 60178, or visit www.myelin.org.
  • Charlie Stewart, 02/25/83 - 02/01/96
    • Charlie Stewart
  • Chase Whitehurst, 12/22/02 - 04/24/06
    • Chase Whitehurst
    • Gods Gift - Our Hero

      Chase was born at 29 weeks weighing only 2 pounds and 10 ounces. The doctors told us his lungs were extremely underdeveloped and did not give us much hope for his survival. Along with many area churches, our family began to pray for baby Chase. His breathing and SATs began to increase hour by hour. The doctors were quite surprised when a lung x-ray showed his lungs fully developed compared to the first x-ray, where his lungs only went down to his 4th ribs. God had performed a miracle in Chase. At 3 days old, we were told that Chase had a rare heart defect, an Arota- pulmonary window. The cardiologist did not believe he would survive until the surgery. Through many ups and downs, Chase made it to the 5 pound mark for open heart surgery. The surgery was a success and Chase\'s heart did not suffer any complications from the wait. God completed another miracle in Chase, which surprised the cardiologists. At 10 months, Chase developed seizures. When the seizures started, his delayed physical development slowed down even more. We continually prayed for Chase\'s healing, growth, and development.

      Through a special diet we were able to control Chases seizures. He was doing so well. As the seizures decreased his development increases. Prior to April 24, 2006, Chase had gone 3 weeks with no seizures. We were so encouraged. But on the morning of April 24, 2006, God choose while Chase was asleep to take him home.

      He was named Chase because we knew he would always be a God Chaser. Little did we know he would actually catch him at such an early age, 3 years & 5 months.
  • Christen, 03/15/08 - 05/20/09
    • Christen
  • Christopher Winn, 06/07/88 - 06/07/88
    • "Christopher's dad says, ""Christopher came into this world weighing 4-lbs, 3-oz. As soon as he was born, the doctor knew immediately something was wrong. Christopher was born without several vital organs necessary for life. Although he was only here on earth that day for 15 hrs. he remains in my heart forever."""
  • Dale Foster, 02/18/07 - 07/17/07
  • Daniel Jones, 10/10/94 - 09/27/10
    • Daniel Jones
  • Daniel Weigelt, 01/13/88 - 04/19/98
  • David Allen Tyler, 11/14/96 - 11/14/96
  • David Peters, 04/17/53 - 03/21/06
  • Desmond (Shug) Scott, 09/09/07 - 12/12/10
    • Desmond (Shug) Scott
    • Desmonds biggest talent was making everyone smile. He touched every life and heart that came across him. He was the most loving, calm baby in the world. He loved to hear music, and most of all when the windows were down in the car and the air hit him he would just laugh and kick his little feet. Despite all the hospital stays he amused the doctor by still being so happy.
  • Dustin Wilkerson, 01/21/82 - 03/29/98
  • Eden Ziegler, 02/04/04 - 11/23/05
    • Eden Grace Ziegler came into this world as a special needs child, and to everyone who had come to know her as a very special baby girl. She touched the heart of everyone who came to know her. When she was one week old, she had her first surgery. We were told that she had an undiagnosed syndrome, that to this day, we never found out what it was. Over the next year and a half, she had several hospital stays and numerous surgeries. She could not see, move, walk or talk. She never tasted any food, because she could not swallow. She had to wear these little pink eyeglasses when she was going through her eye surgeries. She looked like a little turtle. She took my wife and I thru some long, curvy roads, not knowing when or where they would end, or what the outcome would be. Each and every time, drawing us closer and closer to this beautiful little angel of ours. Through everything, Eden Grace taught us lessons about strength, grace, and God\\\'s love. We started a collection at our church called the Eden Grace Memorial Fund, that helps other families that might have to go through a similar situation, also 50%of everything collected goes toward research of heart disease, hydrocephalus(swelling of the brain), and undiagnosed syndromes. The guitar player at our church wrote and produced a song in his studio, entitled,\\\'Eden Grace\\\', to which all of the proceeds go to the Eden Grace Memorial Fund. We miss her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still cry when certain songs come on the radio. But we know that she is not gone, but waiting on us to be with her in our Heavenly home. And back here in Orlando, her memory lives on!

      Her father, Rich Ziegler
  • Elayna Rose Carter, 05/01/89 - 10/23/02
    • Elayna Rose Carter
    • """Elayna was the sunshine in our home, a sparkling happy girl whose pranks and giggles lit our everyday. She had many physical problems, but through it all was determined to enjoy every minute of every day to the best of her ability. Some of our fondest memories are of her riding her electric Barbie motorcycle wearing dads helmet, and stopping by her oxygen tank to pump up between laps... she loved Disney and especially the processes, and got to meet them all before going home. We miss her terribly, but all our conversation about her now seem to include laughter and celebration, taking the the edge off the heartbreak we felt when we lost her. She was and is the brightest light in our home, the sparkle in the stars, and the gentle moonlit glow in our quiet times... I miss you baby doll""... daddy"
  • Ella Broyles, 03/01/08 - 03/01/08
    • I was almost six months pregnant with Ella when I went into labor at our home. She was delievered in our bathroom still born. We had pathology testing done and found out she was Down Syndrome and had Cleft lip and Pallet. She is our angel.
  • Emily Richards, 11/14/99 - 05/16/06
  • Ethan Luis, 01/10/13 - 01/10/13
    • Ethan Luis
  • Evan Queen, 08/07/06 - 11/27/07
    • "If you look up Evan's name it means ""young warrior"". And what a true warrior you were. You had to fight to be here since before you were born. From the day you were born the presence of God was always around you. You went through so much in your short stay here, but you always had that sweet smile that would bring joy to so many of us. You had the longest curling eyelashes and those big blue eyes that would follow me around the room. You would always be in your bouncy chair that you loved so much, keeping a close eye on your sister and brother as they played, and wanted so much to entertain you. You would kick your feet and bounce that chair so high when you were happy. Whenever you saw your daddy come through the door your feet would slowly start kicking. We are supposed to do God's work when we are here on earth and even as small as you were God had given you a full time job. Because of you my faith in Christ has grown more than I ever thought. I have learned to trust him, be at peace and to have joy in the saddest moments of my life. You have touched so many lives from here to Maine and many in between. Also, to the many who cared for you at the hospital. I know your being there changed somebody's life. But your job here is done and you have gone back home. My sweet Evan how I am going to miss you so much. You had such a sweet smile, words cannot express the ache I feel in my heart. I am so blessed and thankful that God chose me to be your mommy. That he trusted me to love you the way that you needed to be loved. You brought more blessings to family than I could ever imagine. I love you and look forward to the day I will hold you again in Heaven."
  • Fabian Perez, 08/17/02 - 08/19/02
    • I will see him again in heaven, because he was a twin and I have one hand empty waiting to hug him again.
  • Frankie M. Anselmo, 09/28/59 - 12/16/68
    • Frankie M. Anselmo
    • """The Child of my Heart"""
  • Gabriel Omar DeJesus, 01/23/08 - 06/19/08
    • Gabriel Omar DeJesus
    • He had so much life filled inside. While in NICU his facial muscles would contract creating a smile, but we know deep in our hearts he was smiling and laughing. He taught his family so much about life.
  • Gaspar Rivera Jr., 12/10/72 - 01/13/12
    • Gaspar Rivera Jr.
    • My son name was Gaspar Jr. Rivera ; He was diagnose when he was six month old with Cerebral Palsy he was my pride and joy for over the years that the lord have given me to help me to be strong to live for him over the years as day one he was in and out of the hospitals and now he is in heaven no pain or suffering thanks to God for his true words my son is angel from heaven God has given me strength to live on with my life my son will always be in my heart I miss him but I know he is in heaven with our lord Jesus Christ with joy and happiness walking and speaking that he could not do here on earth Im in peace knowing that he is in a better place ; His aunt Julie my sister share many beautiful moments of his life he will smile at her when she will sing songs to him she miss him so much . Hi my name Carmen his sister my brother was a gift from God Im bless to share my life with him for 39 years
      we share a lot of pain and suffering to gather I felt his pain in my heart it was not easy in our life the lord have given us strength to be strong in our faith God is good all the time through bad time and good time ; When I look at his eyes last I see him in the hospital one last time I knew in my heart he was ready to go by looking at his beautiful eyes I cry I told him is okay Im ready to let go my heart was broken but the lord heal my heart my angel from heaven always be in my heart thank you Jesus Christ for your love and blessing I believe there is a heaven one day i will see my brother with joy and happiness.
  • Hannah, 04/11/00 - 04/20/10
    • My Daughters Hannah was born with Epilepsy she was almost normal she could walk talk, she was so brave she knew more then any other child could ever imagine sometimes she forgot she had to be more careful at times but she always made everyone smile and feel welcomed into her life.
  • Holden Johnson, 11/20/87 - 12/09/05
    • Holden Johnson
    • "Holden's parents say, ""Although severely disabled, unable to talk and confined to a wheel chair, Holden communicated his love with all those he knew with his joy and smile. He changed lives. He is missed by all who knew him, but we know we will see him again one day and what a joyful reunion that will be!"""
  • Hunter Wallace, 11/23/02 - 12/24/04
    • Hunter was a very special little boy. He died with no diagnosis. Hunter is always in our heart. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't talk about him or talk to him.
  • Jacob David Young, 03/14/04 - 03/30/04
    • Jacob David Young
    • \"Jacob was born at 22 weeks, weighing only 1lb 3oz, he only lived 17 days, but made an big impact on many lives of how important and previous life really is. He was just born too soon, and left so soon. He was so cute, and fought so hard to live, but had to go to Jesus rocking chair to be with Jesus.\"
  • Jake, 04/09/11 - 11/04/15
  • James, 05/15/16 - 05/15/16
  • Jazlyn Hope Wilson, 08/22/06 - 08/28/06
    • Jazlyn Hope Wilson
    • "Jazlyn's parents say, ""Jazlyn had eleven ""abnormalities"" (including no arms or legs, just hands and feet attatched to her torso, hydrocephaly, 4 different heart defects, etc). She was not expecting to survive for a minute, not expected to cry when she was born, yet she survived for 6 glorious days and came out screaming her head off. She was put on this earth for us to cherish every minute with our children and she definitely accomplished it! She will forever be missed and loved!"""
  • Jessica Browning, 04/09/07 - 04/09/07
    • Jessica Browning
    • "Jessica's parents say ""We were blessed to meet her and have her with us for 7 1/2 hours."""
  • Joseph Knight, 05/30/85 - 05/30/85
    • "Mom shares, ""All I had ever wanted to do was to be a mother!! Joseph was my last chance."""
  • Joshua James Boerio, 08/08/92 - 03/10/96
    • "Josh's parents say, ""Josh was born with only the brain stem yet he learned to say mama, dada, and ya- He had the most beautiful eyes and loved being held."""
  • Jovanie W., 02/28/11 - 02/28/11
  • Julia Rene Boerio, 07/06/96 - 06/10/04
    • "Julia's parents say, ""Julia loved stuffed animals and being sung to and listening to music. She always had a smile on her face inspite of her multiple medical issues. She was our Julie-Bug."""
  • Juliana Silvernail, 12/09/02 - 07/15/11
    • Juliana Silvernail
    • Juliana passed away after a 2 year battle with a brain tumor. Even though she had to endure painful treatments for a year and a half and lost many abilities in the last months of her earthly life, she never complained. I am so proud to be her dad. She is my true hero.
  • Justin Keith Taylor, 04/23/83 - 08/22/99
    • Justin Keith Taylor
    • Born on April 23, 1983 to Eddie and Jenny Taylor of Nashville, Georgia, Justin was diagnosed with down syndrome and was only expected to live for 6 months but lived a life of 16 years. Justin attended the regular public schools in the special ed department. He participated in the Special Olympics receiving many awards.
      Justin\'s hobbies included playing Nintendo, playing on computers and competing in the Special Olympics each year.
      Justin relocated to his new home in heaven on August 22, 1999.
  • Kathyrn Sharpe, 05/15/95 - 03/27/03
  • Katie Santos, 09/06/01 - 10/27/01
    • Katie Santos
  • Kayley Foster, 09/12/03 - 01/18/06
    • Kayley Foster
  • Kenny, 01/01/10 - 02/02/10
  • Keri Anne Boerio, 09/14/73 - 10/14/89
    • "Keri's parents say, ""Keri was a cuddle bear. Although she suffered severe seizures and inoperable brain tumors that took away her abilty to talk and walk, her smile and eyes communicated to all who knew her."""
  • Leighanna, 10/30/04 - 12/14/13
  • Leslie Anne Saul, 08/03/96 - 03/25/97
    • "Mom share, ""Leslie touched so many in her short life and was able to do so much. She was such a happy baby, we forgot most of the time how sick she was. We look forwrad to the day we see her again."""
  • Liam Dorst, 03/22/06 - 12/11/11
    • Liam Dorst
  • Lillian Craig, 10/21/05 - 08/12/08
    • Lillian Craig
  • Lisa Holcomb, 09/09/78 - 09/09/78
    • "Mom shares, ""She was the most wanted baby in the world!"""
  • Luke Joseph Griese, 12/05/03 - 12/05/03
    • Luke Joseph Griese
    • "Mom and dad say, ""Luke blessed our lives with his sweet little presence. He was a miracle baby and stayed with us longer than we expected. Although he only lived eight hours, that was more than the doctors said possible with Potter's Syndrome."""
  • Luke Schondelmayer, 05/21/06 - 06/27/07
    • Luke Schondelmayer
    • "Luke's parents say, ""Our little munchkin man was the sweetest, cutest, most amazing little man! We will always love him and he will always have a special place in our hearts. Luke was born with a seizure disorder (infantile spasms that later transitioned into complex partial), hypotonia, and developmental delay. He had 6 weeks of ACTH, he was on 7 additional medications, had 5 different types of therapy per week, and visited the hospital and doctor often but he always had a smile on his face. He never had a diagnosis from the doctors. The doctors were always dumbfounded when it came to diagnosing Luke because all the 100's of tests always came back negative or normal or inconclusive. Every place that we went with Luke, people were drawn to him and just fell in love with him. We heard several times that ""there is something special about your little boy"". God's love shined out of our little man and touched so many lives. He definitely knew his mommy and daddy; he would get excited every time one of us would walk into the room. He knew that he was loved SO much. Lukeman was a blessing from God and we thank God everyday for each moment we had to spend with him while he was with us. On the morning of June 27, 2007, God chose while Luke was asleep to take him to his heavenly home with Jesus. Although we miss Lukeman beyond what words can express, we have the peace of knowing that he is with Jesus and that we will see him again. Praise God!!! """
  • Luke Smith, 05/30/07 - 06/12/07
  • Lyndsey, 02/09/95 - 12/07/16
    • Lyndsey
  • Madison Mackenzie Helms, 03/22/04 - 04/08/04
    • Madison Mackenzie Helms
  • Madisyn Christian, 02/03/05 - 02/17/07
    • Madisyn Christian
    • "Madisyn's parents say ""Madisyn had Aicardi Syndrome and suffered from multiple types of seizures on a daily basis. She wasn't given any hope to even live, so to have her for over 2 years was quite a miracle. Madisyn suffered a stroke at 5 months and was never supposed to wake up from a coma...was given 2 weeks to live...then woke up a few months later. Her name means ""gift"" and ""strong fighter""...more fitting than we can ever explain! She had great impact on so many people...many that never even met her. Her funeral was attended by hundreds of people. Our son, Chayse, as well as 2 of his classmates, accepted Christ as a result of her ""home-going""! Although we will always miss Madisyn, we know that she is whole and healthy for the first time in her life. This was included in the paper with her obituary: Madisyn...Courageous fighter to the core. Though you never spoke a word, your life spoke volumes... Your smile brightened our days and your snuggles warmed our hearts. We will greatly miss you, but we know that"
  • Malquiel Madera, 08/23/99 - 01/27/12
    • Malquiel loved to draw!
  • Marcus Ernst, 06/21/03 - 10/14/06
    • Marcus Ernst
  • Mark O'Reilly Jr, 08/08/05 - 08/08/08
    • Mark was born an angel. I was only 7 weeks pregnant, but I knew with all my heart that he was a boy. He's in the arms of Jesus and thats the only comfort I hold.
  • Mateo, 07/30/09 - 07/29/16
  • Matthew Gonzalez, 11/09/93 - 02/11/04
    • """Matthew was a blessing and a joy. A beautiful boy who showed us how to love unconditionally. He has a smile brighter than the sun and a spirit that moves us all."""
  • Melody Davis, 03/30/10 - 05/01/10
    • Melody Davis
  • Mia Nicole Gonzalez, 08/03/00 - 12/20/06
    • Mia Nicole Gonzalez
  • Micah Andrew Van Horn, 11/17/03 - 10/27/15
    • Micah Andrew Van Horn
    • Micah brought love and joy to everyone he met. He always wanted to sit on your lap or exchange hugs and kisses. If you were across the room, he would find your eyes and flirt. He instinctively understood romance. He often would take the hand of a lady and gently kiss it. Micah also had an amazing ability to calm you down. His nature was so gentle and calming that his presence immediately brought you peace. Micah gave far more to those around him, than we could ever give to him. He taught everyone so much. We are forever changed because of him. Now there is a hole in our hearts that can never be filled. We will miss him forever, Love~Dada, Ma Ma, Mariah (rye-ya) & Josiah (baby)
  • Monti Kelsey, 10/23/05 - 12/14/06
    • Monti was not given to me through physical birth, but God gave him to me in a special way. We enjoyed him for a brief 7 months of his life, but loved him very much. He went home to be with the Lord as I was holding him and the people who loved him were by his side. We miss you Monti, one day you will meet your little brother Isaiah who favors you so much!
  • Nathaniel Kane Kaufold, 04/22/03 - 07/08/04
    • Nathaniel Kane Kaufold
    • We have an Angel named Nathaniel
      Sometimes I sit and wonder why Nathaniel is gone? But he is really not gone, he is still in my heart, and always will be. Nathaniel will always be my son. And now he is looking on me and smiling, saying, Mom, look I am free. I can run and play, and do the things little boys are supposed to do.

      You could look at Nathaniel and say How healthy he looks. But the doctors said he had all these things wrong with him, and I didnt really want to hear the doctors. Because I didnt want to accept I was going to lose my son. I didnt really want to hear that. I love Nathaniel so much. His cute little smile and everything about Nathaniel were so precious. It is hard to believe my Nate is gone. I keep wanting to call the nurses to see how Nathaniel is doing. Every time I close my eyes I see Nathaniels beautiful face that is smiling at me. Its just hard to believe something you love so dearly and hold in your heart so close, could be gone so fast.

      I think one of the things Nathaniel has taught me is to be strong, and life is so precious. We need to enjoy the time we have on earth and to hold your loved ones a little bit closer. Nathaniel will always have a special place in my heart.

      Nathaniel Kaufolds Mommy
  • Nathaniel Litten-Carlson, 04/13/98 - 05/19/98
    • Nathaniel Litten-Carlson
    • Nathaniel\'s mom writes, \"Nathaniel is a very special child and he showed me that God gives gifts that may be with you for a short time or a long time of your life, but every life for what time is giving is a great gift always.\"
  • Nathaniel Timothy Kuck, 06/06/97 - 11/13/01
    • Nathaniel Timothy Kuck
    • """A Treasured Gift of God"""
  • Paola Coronad0, 08/12/77 - 06/01/02
    • Paola Coronad0
  • Patrick Lia, 09/15/97 - 06/07/99
  • Rachael, 09/20/99 - 01/27/18
    • Rachael
  • Rebecca Sharley, 04/19/03 - 04/20/03
  • Samuel Foster, 02/02/07 - 02/22/07
  • Sarah Richardson, 05/29/92 - 06/28/08
    • Sarah Richardson
    • Down Syndrome, developed Autism at age 11, hearing impaired since birth. Sarah suffered from Graves Disease and Hashimoto disease of thyroid, the symtoms would alternate and worsen, until we had her thyroid ablated with radioactive iodine. At 15 on Feb 25th, 2008 she was diagnosed with a high grade, soft tissue sarcoma of her left thigh, that spread to her lymph nodes and lungs. She died in hospice a month after 16th birthday.
  • Simon Dale Bradley, 08/25/04 - 08/26/05
  • Steven Alan Bonney, 08/14/82 - 08/17/03
    • Steven Alan Bonney
    • Steven Alan Bonney couldnt walk, talk or even feed himself, but he managed to bring joy to those who knew him, make others think about their own contributions and appreciate their own abilities.
      He accomplished a lot just by touching the lives of people we could have never touched, said his father, Dennis Bonney. There was just something about him that drew people to him. Steven could push his head up, but that was about as far as he got in his development. He as fed by mouth until he was about 10 years old.
      Then, doctors inserted a tube into Stevens stomach so he could get the nourishment he needed. The couple made a decision to keep Steven at home and care for him themselves.
      God has been good to us, Karen Bonney said. He provided enough for us so that I wouldnt have to work. Except for his daily trips to Magnolia School, a Pine Hills school for severely disabled children, and occasional weekend respites, Karen Bonney was rarely separated from Steven. Its not the life youd wish on anyone, she said. But its not one Id ever give up either.
      Over time, the Bonneys learned how their son communicated though his eyes and discovered the things he loved by his smiles. What made Steven smile? School, music, and church, seeing people he loved and little things like the noise of wrapping paper being torn. Its the little memories that seem to mean the most, Karen Bonney said. At Christmas, wed be tearing paper, and Steven would crack up. Wed find more wrapping paper to rip just to make him laugh. Those special moments helped his family through times that most would find overwhelming. At the beginning, you start out wondering how youre going to do this, Karen Bonney said. At the end, youre thinking how much youve learned about yourself and wondering how much this person changed your life.
  • Theartis Perry III, 10/08/03 - 11/23/11
    • Theartis Perry III
    • Theartis Perry III (known as Lil Thea) was a lovable child. He enjoyed clapping his hands & playing the drums. He was known for his beautiful smile and his adorable laugh. He was very energetic. Even though he could only speak about 5-8 words he showed his love for others through hugs, kisses, and other kind gestures. Throughout his entire life he demonstrated to his family and friends how to love unconditionally.
  • Timothy Myers, 07/27/91 - 06/02/11
    • Timothy Myers
    • 7/27/91-6/2/2011

      Timothy Daniel Myers is now free to sing and dance on the streets of gold. Born July 27, 1991, Tim was lovingly tucked into bed and kissed goodnight by his parents on a typical, Wednesday night, and woke up in the arms of Christ on Thursday, June 2, 2011. Tim was an extraordinary teenager and exemplified the meaning of his name One Who Honors God. Though he faced multiple physical challenges, he was always happy and enjoyed life to the fullest. He loved music, swimming, spending time with his family, going to Buddy Break and playing with his beloved service dog, Carey. Everyone who met him was drawn to his sweet smile and infectious laughter. Timothy touched many, many lives and his memory will be cherished until the day we are reunited.
  • Trevor, 07/02/99 - 02/16/17
  • Tyler Catino, 06/06/01 - 06/09/01
    • Tyler Catino
  • Valerie Marie Leon, 06/17/08 - 06/17/08
  • Vicki Slobodian, 02/12/91 - 07/12/08
    • Vicki Slobodian
    • "Vicki's mom says ""Vicki returned home to be with our heavenly father. She will always be remembered but never forgotten. She filled our lives with joy and we will miss her terribly."""
  • Zachariah Kyle Emerson, 07/21/98 - 02/05/03
    • Zachariah Kyle Emerson
    • On July 21, 1998, a baby boy was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Little did we know how this tiny, precious person would be used so powerfully by God to forever change our lives and make clear our purpose. That purpose has now become Zachariahs Way. Zachariah Kyle Emerson arrived as a big, beautiful boy with the face of an angel. Over the next 24 hours, Zach was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (excess fluid on the brain) and underwent surgery to have a shunt inserted when he was just three days old. Like so many families with a special needs child, we brought him home with so little knowledge of or exposure to a special needs child. We felt that our dreams and plans for Zach were slipping through our fingers as, over the next few months, Zach was diagnosed with significant visual impairment, a brain malformation, severe cerebral palsy, and a seizure disorder. In just four short years, he underwent countless surgeries, hospital stays, doctor visits, and therapy sessions. We often lived day to day, too tired and afraid to think about tomorrow.

      Zachariah went to be with Jesus on February 5, 2003. However, over those four and a half years that God lent him to us, Zach turned our lives upside down. We were totally and completely changed in ways that happen only when Gods blessing can be seen and experienced so obviously. As many special needs families experience, we learned to see life in new and better ways we discovered that we were blind in so many ways and that Zach taught us to see. Zach taught us that our definition of healthy , whether it be physical, mental, or emotional, does not define nor determine the quality, richness, or dignity of life. Zachariahs steady happiness, courage, and positive attitude were and remain an example to all of us. Zachariah knew the joy of just living each day and spent his short life creating relationships and reaching out to others.
  • Zachary, 05/12/92 - 12/05/08
    • My son Zachary (aka Zachman) had autism. He was a very loving and affectionate child. He was 16 years old when he passed away. He touched many, mnay lives in so many ways. I miss him everyday. Not a day goes by that I don\'t think about him an miss his morning butterfly kisses that he woke me with every morning. I had to take him off life support which almost killed me myself. But he\'s my little angel now in heaven watching over us.