Verify Your VIP




Please read the message below if you were recently contacted by our office stating that we are missing proof of disability for your VIP.

We are cleaning up our database in preparation for an upcoming VIP Membership Program, and still have not received a response from you, in providing proof of special needs for your VIP(s), even though they may have participated in our programs in the past. We want to truly stay true to our mission of serving kids with special needs (our VIPs) and their families. By providing VIP verification, registration for future Nathaniel’s Hope programs/events will be easier than ever with our NEW VIP Membership Card which will be mailed to you after you verify your VIP. DON’T MISS OUT, VERIFY YOUR VIP TODAY (if you haven’t done so recently)!

What we need from you! One of the following:

  1. You can verify your VIP(s) (if you haven’t already), by emailing or faxing us the first page of one of the following documents (which should show the VIP’s name, birthdate, and special need):

– An Individual Education Plan (IEP), or 504 Plan

– A letter from a doctor or licensed therapist on letterhead

– A Social Security letter stating that your VIP has a disability

  1. If you no longer wish for your VIP to be involved with Nathaniel’s Hope, please let us know! (Your VIP may no longer be considered a VIP, or may have grown up, and no longer wish to receive birthday cards from us.) However, if your VIP is over age 21 and has a developmental disability and wants to continue receiving VIP birthday cards/being involved with us, just let us know! 🙂
  2. If your VIP has relocated to heaven and you’d like to register for our Hall of Hope program (we remember your VIP with you on their birthday and on their home-going days). You can register for Hall of Hope here: .

Also, please update any other contact information that may have changed since you first registered with us:

  1. Mailing address
  2. Email address
  3. Home and/or Cell Phone number(s) 

Please email your documents/updated info or requests to: OR fax to 407-447-9241 NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND!


Got questions? Please call 407-857-8224.

We look forward to continue serving you! 

Thank you for your help!


~Your Friends at Nathaniel’s Hope