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Make a Candy Cane Ornament!CandyCaneBeadOrnament

Adult supervision necessary.

Supplies for one ornament:

  • 12-inch white chenille stem (AKA pipe cleaner)
  • 18 clear translucent tri-beads (non-translucent beads may be used)
  • 16 red translucent tri-beads (non-translucent beads may be used)
  • Wire cutters

Steps to making it:

  1. Cut the chenille stem in half.
  2. Put on one clear bead, and turn end of chenille stem around the bead so it stays on the stem.
  3. Feed next clear bead on the chenille stem all the way down to cover the sharp end.
  4. Feed the rest of the beads, starting with two red beads, followed by two clear beads, until all the beads are used.
  5. After the last clear bead is added, bend the chenille stem around the bead.
  6. Feed the stem back through the second clear bead to cover the sharp end.