Christmas with Nathaniel’s Hope

Celebrate Christmas with Nathaniel's HopeA HUGE THANK YOU TO…

  • 340+ Walgreens stores, businesses, organizations and individuals who collected toys for Nathaniel’s Toy Shop.
  • 500+ volunteers who helped us staff Nathaniels’ Toy Shop, so that 1,573 VIP families could shop for FREE toys.
  • 30 volunteer families who made Caroling Caravan deliveries to 40 homebound VIP families.
  • 200+ volunteers who caroled on one of 7 Caroling for Kids teams on Christmas day.

Because of you — 5,000+ VIP kids, siblings, and other impoverished children were blessed this Christmas 2017!

Registration for Christmas 2018 will open on November 1st!

CWNH - How it all began Button
Since 1998, we have been committed to sharing hope and encouragement with kids, families, and caregivers at children’s hospitals on Christmas Day. Over the years, this one outreach, Caroling for Kids, has developed into three major programs to help kids with special needs (VIPs) and their families, which we now call Christmas with Nathaniel’s Hope:

1. Nathaniel’s Toy Shop provides FREE toys to VIP families with a financial need at Christmas. Host a toy drive, donate a toy at Walgreens, or help at Nathaniel’s Toy Shop! Or, if you have a child with special needs and need assistance, this shop is for you! 

2. Caroling for Kids teams share hope and encouragement with patients, families and caregivers at children’s hospitals on Christmas day through caroling and bearing goodies! Join a caroling team, accompany with an instrument, or donate goodies, candy canes, small new stuffed animals, and prepackaged Christmas cookies!

3. Caroling Caravan teams visit VIP kids and their families who need assistance, but are unable to shop at Nathaniel’s Toy Shop. They deliver Christmas cheer and toys from Nathaniel’s Toy Shop to a VIP family’s home. Sign up and take a team of people with you! Or, if you are unable to shop at Nathaniel’s Toy Shop, you may qualify to have a Caroling Caravan visit you!

Info for VIP Families


Nathaniel’s Toy Shop

Central Florida families who have a child with special needs (VIP) and financial need are invited to shop for FREE toys at  Nathaniel’s Toy Shop, open for one HUGE weekend every December. All toys are donated at a variety of partner locations, including 300 Walgreens stores. If you are a VIP parent, register online and select an appointment time to shop for toys (while supplies last). Nathaniel’s Toy Shop is located in Orlando, FL. Space is limited.

Caroling Caravan

VIP families who are in financial need, unable to shop at Nathaniel’s Toy Shop and located in Central Florida may be eligible for a delivery by a Caroling Caravan team. In order  to request a Caroling Caravan delivery, you will register for a time slot to shop at Nathaniel’s Toy Shop. On the registration form, when asked if you would like to request a Caroling Caravan, choose “yes” and complete required fields. All Caroling Caravan requests will be screened by our staff. If approved to receive a Caroling Caravan, you will be removed from the shopping time for which you originally registered. However, if your request for Caravan delivery is declined, you will still have your registered time to shop.

Please note: For both Nathaniel’s Toy Shop and Caroling Caravan you must have proper paperwork. (See below.***)

*** We require proper identification:

1. Proof of disability for the VIP (IEP, SSI Letter, or official letter on letterhead from doctor or therapist). This must be uploaded with your online registration. OR, provide your VIP Membership ID # if you have already received it. 

2. Driver’s license or passport for the parent/guardian who is shopping. This must be brought with you to the Toy Shop. 

3. Birth certificates for each VIP child and sibling you have registered (they must be living in your home). This must be brought with you to the Toy Shop. 


Volunteer Opportunities

Nathaniel’s Toy Shop

Come volunteer in Nathaniel’s Toy Shop, where we provide FREE Christmas gifts to financially challenged VIP families in Central Florida. Volunteer jobs include gift wrapping, shopping with parents, VIP Kid Care, prayer team, and more! 

Caroling Caravan

Caroling Caravan families deliver toys and bring Christmas cheer to VIP kids and families who are not able to shop at Nathaniel’s Toy Shop. You will pick up a bag of pre-selected toys from Nathaniel’s Toy Shop to bring to your assigned VIP family. We encourage you to invite your friends and family to join you to carol when you deliver the gifts! Please ask if you can take a picture to email to our office and share about your experience. 

Caroling for Kids

Individuals and families volunteer their time on Christmas Day to sing carols and deliver Christmas goodies to uplift the spirits of those who are in the hospital. Truth be told, though, the real gift is the gift of your “presence.” We also use seasoned musicians to lead the teams on guitar, keyboard, etc. This program began in children’s hospitals but has now expanded to include other hospitals, making it Caroling for Kids “of all ages.” Please note that space is limited for these teams.

Help us prepare goodies, tag candy canes & new beanie babies, and make cookie platters for Christmas day! Location varies between Nathaniel’s Toy Shop & our Nathaniel’s Hope office. If you are interested in having a group help us, contact our office (407-857-8224)!



Help us by collecting any of the following:

  • New beanie babies/small stuffed animals
  • Large red&white candy canes
  • New toys/gifts — for kids&teens!
  • Individual prepackaged cookies, candies, crackers, chips, pretzels… any snack items!
  • Store-bought, packaged Christmas cookies
  • Financial donation