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Our Boards

Board of Directors

  • Tim Kuck – Nathaniel’s Dad, Chairman of the Board, Executive Vice President and COO of Regal Boats
  • Marie Kuck – Nathaniel’s Mom, Executive Director of Nathaniel’s Hope
  • Bart Biddle – Vice President of Board, Missionary in Guatemala, former contractor, former business owner
  • Pam Biddle – Secretary of Board, Missionary in Guatemala, former Int’l Sales Manager at Regal Boats
  • Dr. Henry Dumas – Pediatrician

Advisory Board

  • Tim Kuck – Nathaniel’s Dad
  • Marie Kuck – Nathaniel’s Mom
  • Dr. Henry Dumas – Pediatrician
  • Jim Hoge – President & CEO, Z88.3
  • Tom Starnes – Former President, Hughes Supply MRO, Business Owner
  • Linda Starnes – Member of President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities & Advocate mom of VIP child
  • Gene Muhart – Senior Vice President, Bags Inc.
  • Harold Armstrong – Associate Pastor, Journey Christian Church

Past Honorary Event Co-Chairs for Make ‘m Smile

  • Richard T. Crotty & Pam Crotty – Former Mayor of Orange County
  • Buddy Dyer & Karen Dyer – Mayor of City of Orlando