VIP Registration/Update Info Online

Here are the steps to filling out a VIP Family Info Form and/or the Sibling Info Form online:

    1. Click on the “Register Now” button below. This will open up a new web page, and the web page that you’re reading now will stay open in case you lose your way.

  1. Click on the link for New Users to create an online Buddy Break account.
  2. Fill in the information – the email address will be what you use when logging in. Both your email address and the password that you choose will be case sensitive, so make sure you pay attention to how you type it.
  3. Click on the Create User button.
  4. It will show you a “success” message, and then you can log in.
  5. Fill out your VIP child’s form (this one may take you some time). The great thing is that you can fill out a portion of it, and then save and come back later if you need to.
  6. If your VIP child has any siblings that will also be attending Buddy Break, please fill out the Sibling form too.

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  • You need to call the Buddy Break locations to RSVP for the Buddy Break dates you wish to attend. To see all of our dates and locations, click here.
  • This system is in its infancy stage, and we’d like to have your feedback to make it better for future users. Please email us at with any items you noticed as you filled out the forms. Of course improvements and changes to the database cost money so if you have fundraising connections, feel free to email those too!
  • What you will complete in the Online Database is the main contact information form, but there are still other forms that you will want to complete. Those forms are also available online, but as PDFs to download and print. You can find them by clicking here. (If you did the online database form, you only need to print and complete #3 and #4.) If you’d like to complete them when you get to the VIP Orientation, you can do that instead of doing it now.


If something changes with your child’s needs, please log in to your account and make the changes. That allows us to provide your child with the best possible care, based on the information that you’ve given us.

Thank you for helping us to serve you better!