Our Staff and Boards

Board of Directors

  • Tim Kuck – Nathaniel’s Dad, Chairman of the Board, Executive Vice President and COO of Regal Boats
  • Marie Kuck – Nathaniel’s Mom, Executive Director of Nathaniel’s Hope
  • Bart Biddle – Vice President of Board, Missionary in Guatemala, former contractor, former business owner
  • Pam Biddle – Secretary of Board, Missionary in Guatemala, former Int’l Sales Manager at Regal Boats
  • Dr. Henry Dumas – Pediatrician

Advisory Board

  • Tim Kuck – Nathaniel’s Dad
  • Marie Kuck – Nathaniel’s Mom
  • Dr. Henry Dumas – Pediatrician
  • Jim Hoge – President & CEO, Z88.3
  • Tom Starnes – Former President, Hughes Supply MRO, Business Owner
  • Linda Starnes – Member of President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities & Advocate mom of VIP child
  • Gene Muhart – Senior Vice President, Bags Inc.
  • Harold Armstrong – Associate Pastor, Journey Christian Church

Past Honorary Event Co-Chairs for Make ‘m Smile

  • Richard T. Crotty & Pam Crotty – Former Mayor of Orange County
  • Buddy Dyer & Karen Dyer – Mayor of City of Orlando

Friends of Nathaniel’s Hope

We are grateful for over 1,400 friends of Nathaniel’s Hope who donate countless hours to help provide our services FREE for our VIP Kids and their families.


Over 2,700 Buddies from 9 states serve through our Buddy Break program on a monthly basis.


  • Marie Kuck – Co-Founder/ Executive Director
  • Lisa L. Harrison – Legal Counsel / Office Manager
  • Kari Van Cleave – Buddy Break Administration and Development
  • Suzi Shirley – Special Projects and Events
  • Brianna Kuck – Event and Communications Coordinator
  • Sarah Marcus – Buddy Break Ambassador
  • Evelyn McMullen – Buddy Break Ambassador